Welcome to NAPPS Urban Day Spa…
the place for total transformation, restoration, rejuvenation and relaxation. We are the new standard of EXCELLENCE!  We’ve created the best of both worlds under one roof. Immerse yourself on a journey of beauty, pleasure, and wellness at our salon and spa. We employ a diversity of Health, Beauty and Wellness Professionals that cater to the clients needs.

Our Design Team is dedicated to co-creating a unique look for you.  We promise to provide a Nappy experience, exceeding all of your expectations. We assure 100% client satisfaction.

Queen Roshae is a Licensed Managing Cosmetologist in the state of Ohio as well as Arizona.  She is the Founder & Owner of NAPPS Kinx & BB’s Urban Day Spa located in Columbus, Ohio with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry as a stylist, platform artist, product distributor, in-salon tech trainer and salon owner.  NAPPS Urban Day Spa was established in 1992, known as an innovative unique salon with a commitment to remain true to this profession. Here at NAPPS Urban Day Spa; we provide personal and professional service.

NAPPS Urban Day Spa
Has a passion for assisting its clients in restoring a positive self-image.  NAPPS Urban Day Spa is a natural hair salon with many different services that cater to the urban clientele; these services include; a boutique, nail specialists, massage therapy, health awareness, makeup artistry, facials, a child empowerment center and much more.  NAPPS Urban Day Spa offers nothing other than the assurance of making its clients leave feeling renewed & beautiful!!!

Mobile Unit.. Columbus, Ohio & Phoenix, Arizona
1540 S. Parsons Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43203
Email: queen@nappskinxbbs.com
*Salon services are by appointment only.